Friday, May 13, 2011

Obama, Boeing and South Carolina

According to the Wall Street Journal,
The Obama administration's National Labor Relations Board filed a complaint last month against Boeing to block production of the company's 787 Dreamliner at a new assembly plant in South Carolina—a "right to-work" state with a law against compulsory union membership. If the NLRB has its way, Dreamliner assembly will return to Washington, a union-shop state, along with more than 1,000 jobs.
The NLRB's action, which Boeing will challenge at a hearing next month, is a big deal. It's the first time a federal agency has intervened to tell an American company where it can and cannot operate a plant within the U.S.
Is there anything this administration would not like to regulate and control? Can you spell t o t a l i t a r i a n?

Please take time to read this excellent article in the Wall Street Journal.


Kevin said...

This issue really frustrates me. The administration is taking jobs from South Carolinians, is hurting the economy by delaying the release of an innovate airliner, and is hurting the environment by delaying the release of a more fuel efficient airliner, and are fighting against bringing jobs to a racially diverse state (in 2009 28% of South Carolinians were black, while only 3.9% of Washingtonians are. The diversity holds for other racial groups. South Carolina is more diverse!)

It could easily be suggested that the Obama administration cares more about keeping their rich union doners rich, and their poor black supporters poor more then they care about the economy or the environment (let alone freedom).

Kevin said...

Facts on diversity from US Census Data.


South Carolina:
CORRECTION: Washington is has a higher % of people Hispanic or Latino and Asian origin. The overall diversity though remains w/ South Carolina where 69% of the population is White, while 84% of Washington's population is White.