Sunday, May 08, 2011

Muslim rampage against Christians continues,

Are these Egypt's "freedom-loving" Muslim moderates? Why is there nothing about this in the news?: Egypt: Muslim rampage against Christians continues, now 12 dead, 232 wounded - Jihad Watch


Kevin said...

Perhaps more Americans should read Al Jazeera. (Copts calling for justice is top story at time of this post w/ several related stories in top story list)

I couldn't find anything on CNN or Fox News.

Kevin said...

Frankly, I believe Al Jezeera is covering this in more depth than any other news source; they confirm much of what Jihad Watch is saying. I would not rely on them as my only source, but after looking into this issue am beginning to believe that they add more depth and breadth of coverage of the Middle East than any American news source offers today.

The issue seems to be these Salafis Muslims. Read the previously posted Al Jazeera articles for examples of counter responses by the Egyptian government.

Kevin said...

As a third post in this string... it seems these Salafis Muslims are lying about women converting to Islam from Christianity, then saying these women are being held against their will by the Coptic Christians. This is used to incite violence against the Copts.

I am assuming the Salafis Muslims are lying about the women based on the Al Jezeera reporting that one of these women has been seen on television with her husband and has restated that she is still a Christian and did not convert to Islam. I am also skeptical of any group using the same line and then immediately creating a mob and inciting violence... that smells of bigotry, power mongering, and evil to me.