Saturday, May 21, 2011

Inviting a terrorist to lunch--at the Pentagon

In the irrational desire to be politically correct, our military invites a terrorist to lunch--at the Pentagon!


Kevin said...

Booooo!!!!!! Terrible, terrible, terrible post... absolutely terrible.

The person in question here is Anwar al-Awlaki. The event in question here... PAY ATTENTION!!!... was in 2002. Two-thousand-and-two. That's 9, count them... N.I.N.E... years ago.

At a minimum you should amend your awful headline to cite the dates of this event (2002). Fox News apparently makes no effort to actually determine what happened between 2002 and now that changed Anwari's status... did he change, was he masquerading as a moderate, something else? Lazy journalism. Very very lazy journalism.

To save you some time on what I'm sure will be an upcoming post... did you know that the US Army has promoted a traitor to General? A General who consulted with the President! What!? How could this happen. We must change this current government. How could they allow this Betnedict Arnold become a general and consult with The President? (no seriously I'm talking about Benedict Arnold... but of course your link doesn't cite any sort of context so why should I bother).

You post a lot of good references and commentary here... but this type of post undermines all of that. It taints the rest of your commentary as nothing but a repeater for right-wing media machines. You take a piece that provides some facts, but really no explanation or conclusion and sum it up (deceptively, and wrongly) as if the current administration invites terrorists to lunch.

If you can't endorse a piece fully, you really need to make your title and commentary less controversial and clarify where you agree and/or disagree w/ the content. As far as I can tell you took a poor report by Fox News and made it out to be non-fact. Yuck.

Kevin said...

In my frustration I hope you see that I only want this blog to be better. You have great commentary, great incite, great information and even when I disagree with your analysis I appreciate the source materials and the thought process I have to go through to understand and integrate your source material... but, when you cite a source, and then manipulate the title of your post to pretend to summarize the source material, it undermines all of the good analysis, the good reporting, the good linking, the good summarization that you do.

Dennis said...

This Imam had connections with three of the hijackers who flew into the Pentagon! I would think that would be a red flag.

I think that our military could have and should have vetted this Imam more carefully even at that early date, in fact, especially at that early date!

And yes, it was nine years ago--but it is just now coming to light. That makes it news.