Sunday, May 22, 2011

Herman Cain interview with Chris Wallace

I just watched Herman Cain on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

He made a strong case for he Fair Tax which would completely abolish income tax and the IRS. It would take a big step toward breaking the nanny state's strangle hold on our lives! Under the Fair Tax, you pay tax on what you buy--not on what you make, so you are more in control. It even provides a tax break for those in poverty.

When asked what he would offer the Palestinians, Cain said, "Nothing, because I'm not convinced that the Palestinians want to make peace."  Wow! What a breath of fresh air honesty! In my opinion, he nailed it. If the Palestinians truly wanted peace, all they would have to do is stop attacking Israel! Then there would be peace.

I must admit, however, that he seemed to stumble when asked about the "Palestinian right of return." He didn't seem to know what the issue was.

When asked what he would do about Afghanistan, Cain frankly admitted that he doesn't know what he would do about Afghanistan because he doesn't have the intelligence information on which to make a decision. I think that was an honest response. It stands out in sharp contrast to Obama's campaign in which he made all kinds of stupid foreign policy proclamations only to find out when he got into office that things were much more complicated than he had imagined and that he could not do what he had promised (like closing Gitmo, or an immediate pull-out of Iraq).

My concerns about Herman Cain are his lack of experience with Washington DC cut-throat politics and his lack of foreign policy knowledge--though I heard him say that he knows enough about foreign policy to know that you don't throw your friends under the bus! That all by itself puts him ahead of our current President on foreign policy!

Any lack of knowledge of foreign policy or Washington politics could be rectified by convincing Michele Bachman or Rick Santorum to become his running mate :-)


Steve said...

I agree he is a little weak on foeign policy but I think with the intelligence reports, he can grab a hold on the issues. He is straightforward. No Politician BS. I like that! I would definately consider voting for him. Now if he wins nomination, we can really see where blacks are on the black vote. Will they vote for color or political partly?

Dennis said...

A side benefit Herman Cain running for President is that it helps to take the wind out of the sails of Leftist "race-baiters" who assert the nonsense that people only oppose Obama because he's black. If we had two black candidates running, maybe we could actually focus on the issues! (and heaven knows that Obama now has a lot of issues on which to focus :-)

Of course there will always be some of the despicable, rabid Left who will smear Mr. Cain with names like "Uncle Tom" or "Oreo" just like they did with Condi Rice and Clarence Thomas. But their racism and agenda should be clear to all.

But it really doesn't matter what color Mr. Cain is. The fact is that he is knowledgeable about business and the economy, he is socially conservative, he is constitutionally originalist, he is pro-Israel, he has management and executive experience, and he is one fantastic communicator!

Herman Cain for President!

romancnicholas said...

Herman Cain has arrived and the Nation sees the effectiveness of a no-nonsense leader running for President who is forthright, sincere, and not a blowhard liberal.

romancnicholas said...

Herman Cain will overcome Obama if he is hooked with the most effective vice presidential candidate, whether that be a woman or a man. The Democrats are truly fearful of him and are plaing it cool less their apprehension be made palpably obvious.