Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gaza, West Bank, Israel and Obama

In 2005 Israel pulled out of Gaza and left it to become an independent, self-governing state--and Israel and Gaza have lived happily every after.

Yeah, right.

Gaza responded by raining literally thousands of rockets down on the villages of innocent Israelis--all while the United Nations and the world sat silently by.

Now Barack "Arafat" Obama demands that Israel return to pre-1967 borders. This would include the Golan Heights which looks down over all of northern Israel. If Muslims fired thousands of rockets from Gaza, what on earth makes Obama think that Muslims won't fire rockets down on all of northern Israel from the Golan Heights?

Not only that, the the border of the West Bank is not all that far from Tel Aviv. What makes Obama think Muslims won't fire rockets at Tel Aviv? Or does Obama even care? I

These questions are especially relevant in light of the fact that Obama would not even demand something as basic and simple as to demand that Israel's neighbors recognize her right to exist!

What is wrong with this president? He's not stupid. Does that mean he's on the side of Israel's enemies? Many of Israel's enemies are our enemies? If Obama is on the side of our enemies, what does that make Obama?

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