Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gay activists now targeting Christian Colleges

Some of us remember the days when they said all they wanted was tolerance. It was a lie. They are demanding full acceptance, agreement and support---or else!  Homosexual activists are now targeting Christian Colleges.


KyleJL said...

Instead of responding to the article on here, I wrote about it on my blog. I personally find the New Americans Article quite erroneous.

Dennis said...


I read your blog post. Thank you for a calm, reasoned response.

First, I never said, "persecution."

Second, the New American article that you found misleading said,

"Among the schools highlighted by the paper was Nashville’s Belmont University, aligned with the Southern Baptist denomination, which faced a firestorm of community opposition after the school’s administration terminated a female faculty member after she confided to students that she and her lesbian partner were expecting a baby. Pressure from homosexual groups, community activists, and donors to the school prompted the university’s administration to ease up on allowing homosexual student groups to meet on campus."

"Firestorm" of opposition. "Pressure from homosexual groups."

Sounds like more than just a call for calm dialog to me.

Similarly, when Soulforce was making the rounds to Christian college campuses last summer, they were protesting and picketing (i.e.intimidating), not just asking for dialog.

Gay people demand tolerance for their behavior. Why do so many (not all) gay people show so little tolerance for the religious convictions of others?