Monday, May 30, 2011

Where's the budget?

Byron York of the Washington Examiner writes?
Passing a yearly budget for the federal government is a fundamental responsibility of Congress. Lawmakers do not have to spend their time naming post offices or passing healthcare reform. But they do have to pass a budget. In 2010, neither the House nor the Senate did so. It's not that members just didn't get around to it, which would have been scandalous enough. No, Reid and then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi feared that passing a budget would hurt their chances in the November midterm elections. So they did nothing and took a beating at the polls anyway.
Now Pelosi is out of the picture. But Reid is still at it. The Republican-controlled House has passed a budget, but Reid will not produce a Democratic spending proposal. And if Reid doesn't want to pass a budget, then a budget won't be passed; the majority leader controls what is and what is not considered in the Senate.
York concludes:
The most amazing thing about all this, to Republicans, is that Reid's abdication of responsibility has attracted so little attention. In a country drowning in debt, where's the outrage?
I would add: Why on earth to voters keep electing members of a party that is not only guilty of such monumental irresponsibility, but is actively running the country toward bankruptcy?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mother responds to her daughter's rapist

A man rapes a 13 year old girl at knife point. For this heinous crime he was sentenced to a mere 13 years in prison which was later reduced to 9 years. Then, to add insult to injury, this scum-bag was released on a 3 day pass to go home!

Ah, but it gets worse. While one his way to a bar, the man sees the girl's mother who has been suffering mental illness ever since the crime. The guy actually taunts her! Can you imagine? He taunts the mother of the little girl he raped!

But, there is more to this story. While in the bar, the man feels a hand on his shoulder. He turns around and stands face to face with the mother. She pours a bottle of gasoline over the guy. Steps back and sets the man on fire!

Bar patrons put the fire out but he later died of his injuries.

My rational side says that society just can't have people taking the law into their own hands and that the woman should be punished. My emotional side says the guy got exactly what he deserved. The woman should be treated--at government expense--for her mental distress and released.

Friday, May 27, 2011

A loss for Freedom of Relgion

They caved in to the ACLU!  This is a private religious facility! The owners of this auditorium should have told the public school and the ACLU that if they want to use their facility, they will use it "as is." Otherwise, find another facility (hat tip: Professor ed).

In my opinion, to cover up Christian signs and symbols in order to appease the ACLU is practically a denial of Christ!  Truly shameful!

A victory for Freedom of Religion

A victory for Freedom of Religion! (Hat tip: Professor ed).

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rep. Jim Clyburn on Obama and racism

We've come a long, long way in this country but, unfortunately, there are still a lot of white racists just like there are a lot of black racists. As long as we live in a sinful word, I suspect there always will be. 

But people on the Left like Clyburn will play it up for every drop of political advantage they can get out of it. In Clyburn's case, I suspect that he is also still fighting the battles of his youth. Most people in America have moved on (Hat tip: Professor Ed).

One of the side advantages of Herman Cain for President is that maybe, just maybe, we could finally put race aside and focus on the issues.

Naw, that will never happen. The Left will just smear Mr. Cain with names like Oreo or Uncle Tom, just like they did with Condi Rice and Clarence Thomas.

"A ban on circumcision?" by Jeff Jacoby

More anti-religious totalitarianism from some of the folks in San Francisco:  Please take time to read Jeff Jacoby's outstanding article, "A Ban on Circumcision?"

It appears that there really is nothing that some on the Left would not like to regulate. I suspect that some of them would like to abolish "Freedom of Religion" altogether.

Monday, May 23, 2011

"Is College Worth it?"

The Pew Research Center asks, "Is College Worth it?"

Newt Gingrich and Paul Ryan

Star Parker has an enlightening article on Newt Gingrich and Paul Ryan for those interested in the 2012 election.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Genetics, obesity and homosexuality

According to Reuters, "Scientists have found that a gene linked to diabetes and cholesterol is a "master switch" that controls other genes found in fat in the body..."

There we have it: Clinical, scientific proof that obesity results from a perfectly natural, normal, genetically-based alternative lifestyle. After all being fat is not a choice; it is genetically-caused, which means it must be normal. In fact, many people are just born that way (who hasn’t seen a fat baby?).

We must now take a stand against the hordes of intolerant obese-o-phobes--like Michele Obama--with their hateful and bigoted attempts to change the normal eating behavior of fat people whose civil rights are being violated. Such intolerant opposition flies in the face of the scientific evidence.

Rather than trying to change fat people we should be tolerant and affirming of their lifestyle choices. In fact, those who are “questioning” should be encouraged to explore alternative eating lifestyles.

So if you’re “questioning,” go ahead, have another three-quarter-pound bacon cheeseburger deluxe and a large helping of deep-fried French fries! Follow it up with a half-dozen chocolate covered donuts for desert and wash it all down with a couple extra-large chocolate milk shakes. Who knows, you may discover that you have an “orientation” toward obesity.

Absurd? Of course it is—but no more absurd than the arguments defending or even promoting life-threatening homosexual behavior! Those who defend and promote homosexual behavior present themselves as being compassionate. In reality, they are no more compassionate than someone who would encourage an obese person pig out on high calorie, fatty foods.

Mom's must be able to multi-task

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The ACLU's double standard

The "Safe Libraries" blog makes a great point. When religious parents complain that a school library has material that is clearly not age appropriate, the ACLU screams "censorship" and jumps in to defend the school. And yet when a school holds it's graduation in a church auditorium and one person complains, the ACLU sides with the person lodging the complaint and against the school.

As another example, the ACLU would be happy to defend any school library that wished to include obscene materials and yet the ACLU sided against a school that had a book on intelligent design in their library! (Kitzmiller et al. v. Dover Area School District).

The ACLU was happy to fight for the right of Madeline Murray O'Hare to not have her son exposed to prayer in the public school. Would they fight for the right of parents who do not want their kids taught in public schools that having sex with people of the same sex is perfectly normal?

The ACLU appears to be much more about opposition to religion than about defending civil liberties.

Inviting a terrorist to lunch--at the Pentagon

In the irrational desire to be politically correct, our military invites a terrorist to lunch--at the Pentagon!

Friday, May 20, 2011

WikiLeaks sheds light on "enhanced interrogation techniques"

According to the Washington Times:
“The WikiLeaks documents provide still additional evidence that intelligence gained from CIA detainees not only helped lead us to Osama bin Laden, it helped us disrupt a number of follow-on attacks that had been set in motion after 9/11,” said Marc Thiessen, a former Bushspeechwriter.
“Without this program, we would not have gone nearly 10 years without another catastrophic attack on the homeland. This is quite possibly the most important, and most successful, intelligence program in modern times. But instead of medals, the people behind this program have been given subpoenas.”
Please read the entire article. Regardless of whether you agree with "enhanced interrogation techniques" or not, this information needs to be considered in future discussions.

Sharia and burning holy books

From Karen Lugo's outstanding article on Sharia:
When the U.S. Government orders Bibles to be burned by the military in Afghanistan to avoid offending Muslims, but censors an American protestor who burned the Koran, this is de facto submission to sharia.
If you read no other article this week, please take time to read "Scaremongering on Sharia?"

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Obama on Israel's right to exist

In Obama's speech on the Middle East today, this is the closest he comes to addressing the issue of the refusal of Israel's neighbors to recognize Israel's right to exist:
Now, let me say this: Recognizing that negotiations need to begin with the issues of territory and security does not mean that it will be easy to come back to the table.

In particular, the recent announcement of an agreement between Fatah and Hamas raises profound and legitimate questions for Israel: How can one negotiate with a party that has shown itself unwilling to recognize your right to exist? And in the weeks and months to come, Palestinian leaders will have to provide a credible answer to that question.
What do you mean, "provide a credible answer to that question?" Israel's enemies have already provided a very "credible" (i.e. believable) answer to that question. The answer is that they DO NOT recognize Israel's right to exist. In fact, they are committed to destroying Israel!

Obama is right to ask, "How can one negotiate with a party that has shown itself unwilling to recognize" Israel's right to exist. But Obama has not addressed the issue. He calls for Israel to withdraw from territories vital it her security, but he has not addressed the core issue, i.e. Israel's right to exist.

Until Israel's neighbors recognize Israel's right to exist--and back it up with actions like stopping that rockets and violence, America has no business pressuring Israel to make any concessions whatsoever! Israel has made enough concessions! Enough already. It is time for Hamas, Hezbollah and Syria to make some concessions! (and it is still too early to see which way Egypt is going to go).

Obama continues,
I recognize how hard this will be. Suspicion and hostility has been passed on for generations, and at times it has hardened. But I'm convinced that the majority of Israelis and Palestinians would rather look to the future than be trapped in the past.
I'm convinced that the the vast majority of Israelis want peace. But when I consider the fact that the majority of people in Gaza--when given their own independent state--democratically voted in a terrorist government committed to destroying Israel, Obama's words look like lies or nonsense!

Gaza, West Bank, Israel and Obama

In 2005 Israel pulled out of Gaza and left it to become an independent, self-governing state--and Israel and Gaza have lived happily every after.

Yeah, right.

Gaza responded by raining literally thousands of rockets down on the villages of innocent Israelis--all while the United Nations and the world sat silently by.

Now Barack "Arafat" Obama demands that Israel return to pre-1967 borders. This would include the Golan Heights which looks down over all of northern Israel. If Muslims fired thousands of rockets from Gaza, what on earth makes Obama think that Muslims won't fire rockets down on all of northern Israel from the Golan Heights?

Not only that, the the border of the West Bank is not all that far from Tel Aviv. What makes Obama think Muslims won't fire rockets at Tel Aviv? Or does Obama even care? I

These questions are especially relevant in light of the fact that Obama would not even demand something as basic and simple as to demand that Israel's neighbors recognize her right to exist!

What is wrong with this president? He's not stupid. Does that mean he's on the side of Israel's enemies? Many of Israel's enemies are our enemies? If Obama is on the side of our enemies, what does that make Obama?

Obama throws Israel under the bus

Today Barack "Arafat" Obama called for Israel to return to the 1967 borders. Did he also call for Israel's neighbors to officially recognize Israel's right to exist?  Of course not!

Israel acquired those occupied lands because Israel's neighbors attempted to run Israel into the Meditation Sea.  Israel defended herself.  So far Israel has given back over 90% of the land she acquired during that war. What has she got in return?

Our President will not even be man enough to demand that Israel's neighbors recognize her right to exit!

This is truly a sad--indeed, disgraceful--day for America.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Is the White House punishing an Boston newspaper?

Sounds like the Obama administration is punishing a Boston newspaper. The message apparently is, "you step too far out of line and you don't get in." (hat tip: Professor ed.)

Anti-Christian Legal Union (ACLU) strikes again

The Anti-Christian Legal Union (ACLU) strikes again! Let me get this straight. A Christian camp makes its facilities available to the local public school because the public school does not have sufficient facilities of its own--and the ACLU is threatening to sue because the Christian camp will not cover the cross?

If you don't like the cross, don't use the facility! Oh, wait. It's not the school that has the problem. It's just the ACLU! This rabid organization is more of a threat to American freedom than the Taliban and al Qaeda put together! At least we recognize the latter two organizations to be enemies. Many Americans think of the ACLU as a friend, which is what makes it so dangerous.  (hat tip: Professor ed).

New report: The stimulus was a failure

This morning on Fox and Friends they were discussing a new report that says the stimulus created 450,000 new public sector (government) jobs--and destroyed 1,000,000 private sector jobs.

The partisan nature of the legislation was shown in the fact that the "safe" or solidly democratic districts got almost twice as much money as Republican districts. Unfortunately or the Democrats, many of the districts that did not get stimulus money are starting to recover more rapidly than other districts.

Bottom line: Democrats flushed a trillion dollars of your money, your kids money and your grandkids money down the hopper!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Are Jews the Chosen People" by Dennis Prager

From Dennis Prager's excellent article, "Are Jews the Chosen People?"
The United Nations has spent more time discussing and condemning the Jewish state than any other country in the world. Yet, this state is smaller than every Central American country, including El Salvador, Panama and even Belize. Imagine if the amount of attention paid to Israel were paid to Belize -- who would not think there was something extraordinary about that country?
I would add, "Who would not think there was something extraordinary about the world's widespread and almost rabid hatred against that country?

Read the entire article on TownHall.

N.T. Wright's flawed politics

Apparently the biblical scholar, N.T. Wight, is critical of the U.S. actions against bin Laden. While there is much I appreciate about Wright's work on Jesus, he is definitely out to lunch when it comes to politics. Peter Wehner has written a outstanding article on the issue of church and state. You don't need to be a biblical scholar to understand it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Trump is out!

ABC news reports that Trump is out. Is that a record for the shortest Presidential campaign?

Gingrich for President?

I really wanted to support Gingrich for president. In my opinion, he outshines all the other candidates (including the President) in political savvy, knowledge of foreign policy and economic issues, and I think he would make Obama look like an amateur in a debate.

But when Gingrich suggests that the Ryan plan is right-wing social engineering (since when is less government "social engineering!") and that the government should be able to force all Americans to purchase medical insurance, I think he may have lost me.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Obama, Boeing, South Carolina and raw political power

In response to my post on the Obama administration's fight to keep Boeing out of South Carolina, Kevin, a regular Recliner Commentaries reader, writes,
This issue really frustrates me. The administration is taking jobs from South Carolinians, is hurting the economy by delaying the release of an innovate airliner, and is hurting the environment by delaying the release of a more fuel efficient airliner, and are fighting against bringing jobs to a racially diverse state (in 2009 28% of South Carolinians were black, while only 3.9% of Washingtonians are. The diversity holds for other racial groups. South Carolina is more diverse!)
It could easily be suggested that the Obama administration cares more about keeping their rich union doners rich, and their poor black supporters poor more then they care about the economy or the environment (let alone freedom).
Outstanding points! Apparently when it comes to the Obama administration, nothing counts more than votes from their union supporters--not the environment, not the poor, not diversity, not the economy, not jobs, not freedom--nothing! Political power trumps everything else.

"A Warning to America"

"A Warning to America."  Very sobering.

"Moderate" Muslims in Dearborn Michigan

Can people really be categorized as "moderate" who boo the Constitution and violently oppose free speech?

Not in my book. It is mind-boggling (not to mention scary!) that this is happening in America!

Obama, Boeing and South Carolina

According to the Wall Street Journal,
The Obama administration's National Labor Relations Board filed a complaint last month against Boeing to block production of the company's 787 Dreamliner at a new assembly plant in South Carolina—a "right to-work" state with a law against compulsory union membership. If the NLRB has its way, Dreamliner assembly will return to Washington, a union-shop state, along with more than 1,000 jobs.
The NLRB's action, which Boeing will challenge at a hearing next month, is a big deal. It's the first time a federal agency has intervened to tell an American company where it can and cannot operate a plant within the U.S.
Is there anything this administration would not like to regulate and control? Can you spell t o t a l i t a r i a n?

Please take time to read this excellent article in the Wall Street Journal.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chuck Swindol on "The Problem with Pizzaz"

In Leadership Magazine, Chuck Swindol has a outstanding article on "The Problem with Pizzazz."  It is about churches that focus much more on media and marketing than they do on the ministry of the Word of God. If you are a Christian leader, you really should read this article.

Homosexual men and cancer

A study shows that homosexual men are more than twice as likely to have cancer than heterosexual men. According to the article, "the difference likely being explained by the high prevalence of anal cancer."

Combine this statistic with the fact that homosexual men are far more likely to contract AIDS, and any objective observer must be amazed by the fact that our society (led by Barack Obama and Democrats) will discourage unhealthy behaviors like smoking or overeating, and yet zealously push homosexual behaviors and even demonize those who oppose such behavior!

And society does it all in the name of compassion!

Blaming America for 9/11

Responding to a psychiatrist who blames America for what bin Laden did on 9/11, Dennis Prager writes,
Asking what America did to elicit the hatred of Muslim terrorists is morally equivalent to asking what Jews did to arouse Nazi hatred, what blacks did to cause whites to lynch them, what Ukrainians did to arouse Stalin's hatred or what Tibetans did to incite China's hateful treatment of them.
Please take time to read Prager's short but excellent article.

Gay activists now targeting Christian Colleges

Some of us remember the days when they said all they wanted was tolerance. It was a lie. They are demanding full acceptance, agreement and support---or else!  Homosexual activists are now targeting Christian Colleges.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Pornography in public libraries

According to the New York Post,

Kids don't have to hide dirty magazines under their mattresses anymore -- they can just go to the library.
Children 13 and older can easily access hard-core porn in the city's public libraries by simply claiming to be of age on the software and clicking off the filters that block XXX-rated content.
And library patrons say it happens all the time.

If your library allows this, you should start organizing to cut off public library funding. That is a language library directors understand.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Protesting the death of Osama bin Laden

As we all know, Osama bin Laden was responsible for the deaths of almost 3,000 innocent civilians, including some Muslims--and yet, in the streets of Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, even EnglandMuslims are protesting his death and honoring him as a martyr and hero. Look at the pictures carefully. These are the faces of evil.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Terror plots on New York, Chicago and Washington DC

This morning Fox and Friends reported that information seized during the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound included plots to use trains in terror attacks in New York, Chicago and Washington DC on the next anniversary of 9/11.

Several very high ranking officials have said that the take-down of Osama bin Laden was due to intelligence received by waterboarding in the Bush administration. If that is true, not only was Barack Obama's victory over bin Laden made possible by the very techniques that Obama constantly condemned during his campaign for President, but those techniques may have also kept New York, Chicago and Washington DC free of another terrorist attack.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

"How many gay people must God create...."?

Minnesota Representative Steve Simon (a Democrat, of course) asks,"How many more gay people must God create before we ask ourselves whether or not God actually wants them around?"

Is the Congressman really suggesting that if the number of people who seem to be "oriented," (for lack of a better word) toward a certain behavior, is large enough, God must approve of that behavior? If so, then why stop here. Why not also ask:

How many alcoholics must God create before we accept that he wants them around?
How many pedophiles must God create before we accept that he wants them around?
How many arsonists must God create before we accept that he wants them around?
How many kleptomaniacs must God create before we accept that he wants them around?
How many adulterers must God create before we accept that he wants them around?

My point is not to compare gay people with alcoholics, pedophiles, arsonists or kleptomaniacs, or adulterers. My point is that just because someone has a strong "orientation" toward some behavior does not mean God approves of that behavior--not even if the people turn out to be genetically predisposed toward those behaviors.

Of course we can always throw the Bible out and imagine a god in our own image--a god who agrees with whatever the contemporary politically correct consensus happens to be at the time.

People have been doing that for thousands of years. It's called idolatry.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Liberal logic and tolerance

Remember all the liberals calling for more tolerant speech after the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords? Apparently liberal talk show host Mike Malloy didn't get the message. He recently asked,

"So when does Seal Unit 6, or whatever it's called, drop in on George Bush? Bush was responsible for a lot more death, innocent death, than bin Laden."

First, it sounds like he's calling for the assassination of President Bush. Perhaps the Secret Service should give Malloy a call.

Second, Malloy's comparison of Bush with bin Laden is not only offensive, it is ignorant. Generally speaking, many (most? almost all?) Leftists have bought into some form of moral relativism. They apparently think that evil is just a relative matter. You know, the "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter," kind of nonsense, etc.

Leftist relativists have arbitrarily decided that all killing is evil. Since both bin Laden and George Bush are responsible for peoples' deaths, both are evil (or so the argument seems to go as far as I can figure it out. I've never been very good and figuring out Leftist logic).

With this kind of reasoning, it would seem that a police sniper who kills a murderer to save a life is just as evil as someone who kills an innocent child. After all, they both killed someone. Why else would a liberal like Malloy compare the man who gassed, starved, tortured and oppressed his own people, with the President who released those people from their oppressor and gave them the vote?

Nancy Pelosi on the capture of Osama bin Laden

This very short post captures in a nutshell what so many Americans hate about politics and politicians!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Washington's economic doublespeak

"Fed up with the Fed", another outstanding article by Thomas Sowell. He does a great job shedding light on Washington economic doublespeak.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Killing Osama bin Laden: Who gets the credit?

Excellent article in the LA Times about who gets the credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden.

No more money for Pakistan!

OK, I'm starting to worry about myself. Earlier today I posted a praise to President Obama. Now I find myself in agreement with another Democrat, more specifically, with the Twitter message pasted below:

Kelly O'Donnell
NJ Dem Frank Lautenberg says suspend billions to Pak: "before send another dime", need to know who knew location and who helped.

Obama gets Osama

Those who read Recliner Commentaries know that I rarely agree with President Obama, but when he does something right he deserves credit.

Kudo's to the president for the "gutsy" call to send Navy Seal teams into the heart of Pakistan to take out Osama bin Laden!

Osama bin Laden is dead!

Late last night, President Obama announced that Osama bin Laden is dead. This has been confirmed by family DNA. 24 U.S. Navy Seals, working for the CIA, shot him dead.

One interesting aspect of story is that bin Laden was found, not in a remote, lawless area of Afghanistan, but in a million-dollar compound in military city close to the capital of Pakistan. It seems almost impossible that he could have been hiding in such plain sight without Pakistan's knowledge and support. 

Dana Perino said this morning: Pakistan has a lot of explaining to do.

I agree.

The American Library Association in a nutshell

Safe Libraries posts an article by Will Manley that really nails the American Library Association.