Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Thomas Sowell: "Political Statistics"

Economist, Thomas Sowell, writes:
When someone gives you a check and the bank informs you that there are insufficient funds, who do you get mad at? In your own life, you get mad at the guy who gave you a check that bounced, not at the bank. But, in politics, you get mad at whoever tells you that there is no money.
One of the secrets of the growth of the welfare state is that politicians get a lot of mileage out of making promises, without setting aside enough money to fulfill those promises.
This is precisely what Democrats (and all too many Republicans) have been doing for decades. Unfortunately, the bill has now come due and Democrats are blaming the TEA party for saying there's not enough money!

If you read only one article this week, Please read Political Statistics by Thomas Sowell.

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