Friday, April 29, 2011

The rape of Laura Logan

In this New York Times story, CBS News correspondent Laura Logan recounts how she was raped by the hands of two to three hundred men while working in Egypt.

Several things struck me. First was sorrow for what Ms. Logan had to go through.

Second was anger at the animals who did this to her.

Third was a flood of questions:  Where is the outrage? Where are the feminists? Where is the National Organization for Women? Where is the media outrage? Why are Muslim groups and clerics not on TV condemning the actions of these two or three hundred Egyptian men? Why is Congress not demanding justice? And where is the Egyptian outrage? Why are they not as angry about this as Americans were about Abu Ghraib?

Our nation went hysterical--for months on end--when a handful of rogue soldiers humiliated some terrorists at Abu Ghraib. Why are we not similarly outraged when an innocent reporter is sexually assaulted for an extended period of time by two or three hundred Egyptians? Unlike the residents of Abu Ghraib, she wasn't trying to shoot anyone or blow anyone up. She was just covering a news story!

The NYT article talks about the men in that oppressive society. I guess it is OK to condemn men and it's OK to talk about oppressive structures of society in general, but it is not politically correct to mention the fact that this particular oppressive society is Muslim from top to bottom (the word "Muslim" never once appears in the entire article). I wonder if that has anything at all to do with oppressive actions toward women.

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