Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Path to Prosperity

Congressman Paul Ryan has presented a budget plan that would cut over 6 trillion dollars from Obama's budget over the next 10 years! Please take time to watch the video. Then call or e-mail your representative or Senator and express your support.

It may sound melodramatic, but it is true: Your future, and the future of your children depend on it.


Phil said...

Sounds like a great plan, I just wish they detailed a little more on how it actually works. Some of the issues are detailed, but many of them are still really vague. He tells, to some extent, but really vaguely. Okay,we're going to make social security more efficient... how?

Phil said...

One thing that would help, I think, is the reform the asinine way that government agencies do their budgeting. I have seen this with the military and the bureau of prisons, I have a hard time believing that the rest of the 1000+ agencies don't do the same thing.

This is what I'm talking about in a nut shell.

Each agency receives their annual budget for the year. The fiscal year is from October 1st to September 30th. Some time around mid August to Early September, you will see government agencies spending ludicrous amounts of money. Why? Because at the end of the year, if there are any funds left over from the budget, that money will be taken from the agency and that amount CUT from next year's budget. I see the point of this, but the point is counterproductive. The point is that if they didn't need the money, take it back and cut it to prevent waste... fine... but what REALLY ends up happening is HUGE amounts of wasted funds on STUPID items like new chairs. In the National Guard they like to pick up soldiers to do some short term state active duty time just to spend down the money or buy extra little items... either way, money gets spent on things that are NOT needed.

Why not allow the agencies to KEEP the money, as like a "rainy day" fund? Why not allow them to "bank" it? The money will just get wasted otherwise. So, for example, if in 4 years at the prison I work at, a tornado comes through and does vast amounts of damage. Normally, EXTRA funding would have to be allocated to cover those repairs. Well, instead of wasting all of that money, they were able to bank it and use THAT for repairs. Or when unexpected building issues come up and mass construction needs to be done; now the money is still there instead of needing MORE money.

Does any of this make sense?
Just a thought.