Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Obama, Gitmo and military commissions

Barack Obama got elected in no small part for his demonising of Gitmo and military commissions, and for his promise to eliminate both.

He has now decided that the terrorists will be tried by military commission at Gitmo.

He has apparently discovered that being President is a little different than running for President.

He owes President Bush--and the American people--an apology.

The American People owe Mr. Obama a long and happy retirement--beginning with the next election.


professor ed said...

Frankly I am amazed, and even a little disgusted, at how hands off the American press has been regarding our esteemed president. As I have said on this list, and elsewhere, this president has yet to introduce any original legislation from the White House. Basically his first term, so far, has been devoted to going along with whatever his liberal advisors and congress people tell him to do. He does not have a coherent foreigh policy, as witness his hands off in some parts of the world (Iran and N.Korea?) and his total immersion in other parts of the world (Libya?). Even his top honchos in Congress (N. Pilozi) believe in passing a bill so we can see what's in it! Oh well, time to get off my soapbox.

professor ed said...

I just came up with a slogan for obama's reelection" "Yes We Can; as soon as I learn how"!