Friday, April 08, 2011

Government shut down and abortion

I just watched a news clip of a Democrat Senator saying that no one should be put in the position of not having a job on Monday morning just because Republicans want to take away women's rights.

In the current congressional debate, no one is talking about taking away a woman's "right" to kill her unborn child!

Democrats are claiming that women have a "right" to take other people's money in order to fund a private company which makes millions of dollars performing procedures that tens-of-millions of Americans consider to be morally repugnant!

It would be like Democrats asserting that they not only have the morally repugnant right to own slaves, but they also have a right to have the cost of owning those slaves paid by your tax dollars!

Then Harry Reid says that Republicans just want to cut off women's medical procedures like mammograms and blood tests!

Aside from the fact many (most?) Planned Parenthood facilities don't perform these health tests anyway, suppose the Republicans made a compromise proposal to take the tax money currently being given to Planned Parenthood and give it to hospitals precisely for mammograms and other women's health medical procedures. Does anyone believe for a minute that Democrats would agree?

Of course not! Its not about women's health. Its about abortion! Democrats would rather cut off the salaries to low wage military personnel than to give up funding abortion--because the "right-to-kill" unborn babies a big part of their political power base.

Its time to call evil by its name.

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