Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Their words come back to haunt them...


Kevin said...

This is part of Hillary's master plan. Draw Obama into an impeachable offense, then have him impeached opening the door for a 2012 Clinton/Clinton ticket (Hillary and Bill reunion tour).

professor ed said...

WASHINGTON, March 28— The War Powers Act of 1973, passed in the aftermath of the Vietnam War, puts limits on the ability of the President to send American troops into combat areas without Congressional approval.

Under the act, the President can only send combat troops into battle or into areas where ''imminent'' hostilities are likely, for 60 days without either a declaration of war by Congress or a specific Congressional mandate.

The President can extend the time the troops are in the combat area for 30 extra days, without Congressional approval, for a total of 90 days.

The act, however, does not specify what Congress can do if the President refuses to comply with the act. Congress could presumably suspend all funds for such troops and override a Presidential veto.

According to the above War Powers Act, I do not believe our esteemed President has done anything wrong---YET!