Sunday, March 06, 2011

Public service employees and government service employees

This week pollster Frank Luntz made the observation that when people are asked about the rights of "public service employees," the response is generally favorable to the public service workers. But when people are asked the exact same questions about the rights of "government employees" the response is negative.

Public service employees and government employees are exactly the same people!

This morning one of the Wisconsin Democrat representatives who are hiding out in Illinois spoke on TV about what he called the "siege on public workers." It is no accident that he did not say, "the siege on government workers." No one thinks "government workers" are under siege.

Most people understand that these "government workers" are protesting for the "right" to take more and more of our tax dollars to give themselves better and better pay and retirement benefits.

I'm all for giving our teachers, police officers, and firemen (firepeople?) etc. adequate pay. I am opposed to taking more and more money from non-government workers to give government workers better pay and better benefits than their non-government counterparts...especially when the state is broke!

The unions seem to realize that they can't win on this point so they quickly shifted the debate to the "right" of collective bargaining.

There is no "right" to collective bargaining! This is just another of an increasingly long line of phony civil "rights" that self-made "victims" keep inventing.

The issue of collective bargaining is mostly political. Ask yourself, for example, why the Democrats seem more concerned with the pay and benefits of "public sector employees" than they are with the pay of private sector employees who get less for working similar jobs?

Why do Democrats want to take more and more tax money away from private sector employees who are already making less than their public sector counterparts? Could it be because "public sector employees," through their unions, are huge financial supporters of the Democratic Party?

It is hard to avoid the conclusion that Democrat politicians don't care nearly as much about the average union workers' salaries and benefits as they do about continuing to get the money and support of the unions. After all, when it was revealed that government workers get more pay and better benefits than their private sector counterparts, the Democrats quickly dropped that hot potato to focus purely on "collective bargaining."

This is about power, not compassion.

On the Republican side, there is concern to be fiscally responsible and to keep the states from going bankrupt. But make no mistake about it. Republicans also have a political agenda. If they can crush the unions, it would be a huge blow to Democrat re-election bids in the next election. Democrats can't allow this to happen. And that is one reason this local Wisconsin battle has become a national battle.

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Kevin said...

This is why most poll results are nonsense. If you ask someone, "Should people be stripped of right X" they'll generally say "no". If you ask them "should people have laws enacted that enable them to earn X% more than similarly skilled people" they'll probably say "no". This stuff is all about phrasing.