Monday, March 07, 2011

On Muslim radicals and the hijacking of Islam

Representative Peter King is holding hearings on the radicalism of Islam in America and Muslims are protesting in the streets of New York.

My question is this: If Muslim radicals are really just "hijacking" the "great" religion of Islam, why are "moderate" Muslims protesting? Wouldn't you think moderate Muslims would welcome hearings on "radicals" who are "hijacking" their faith?


Kevin said...

Here is an opposing view of the hearing from the Washington Post.

Perhaps some Muslims welcome hearings about "The Radicalization of Muslim Americans" by Peter King as much as you would welcome hearings about "The Anti-Intelcualization of Christian Americans" by Nancy Pelosi.

I work with a lot of Americans who are Muslim and they don't seem that much different from me or any of my other colleagues. They may have me fooled, but I don't think they want to force my children to pray towards Mecca or my wife to wear a head dress. Maybe over time that changes... maybe their children become more radicalized, or maybe their children like pork ribs as much as I do.

Back to Peter King. Hearings make me thing of grand standing government nonsense... idiotic representatives and senators shouting down smarter and far more productive people. Perhaps, if King is on to something and he truly wanted to make a case, he would have pulled together facts and conducted interviews quietly and reported on his findings There may be a significant radical Muslim threat in this country, but if you don't believe that there is already this seems a little bit like grandstanding fear mongering than an actual search for truth.

Dennis said...

When your argument is weak, make personal attacks against your opponent--that seems to be Esposito's strategy in the article.

Someone could respond with a similar attack saying, Esposito is a Muslim apologist, what else would one expect?

Forget Esposito and King. There are Muslims in America who are being "radicalized." That is a fact.

How many of them and the source of their radicalization are questions that--in my humble opinion--deserve to be investigated since people have been murdered by radical American Muslims.

I'm not sure what "intelculization" or "anti-intelculization" is, but it seems to me that if some people were slaughtering people in the name of Christianity, I think I would welcome an investigation to expose the ones who were "hijacking" my faith.

I really can't understand why more Muslims do not seem to feel the same way.