Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Obama administration refuses to prosecute sex trafficking videos

First the Obama administration refuses to uphold the law by defending the Defense of Marriage Act in court. Now they refuse to prosecute Planned Parenthood which has been caught on tape "assisting alleged sex traffickers in arranging abortions and STD testing for underage girls victimized by the sex trade."

This administration's moral compass is so incredibly broken they can't tell good from evil. But then, what do you expect from a President who once supported leaving live babies alone to die in a stainless steel pan?

The real mystery is how it is possible that some Christians actually voted for this man.


St.Lee said...

Do you have evidence that any did (vote for him)?

Dennis said...

Sadly, there are some Christians where I work who supported him.

Phil said...

ever hear of Luther Seminary? The majority of those Christians support him... including a former Crown student who used to be very conservative....

Dennis said...

Many who call themselves "Christian" seem to think the heart of Christianity is to help the poor

I certainly agree that helping the poor is an important Christan virtue, but it is NOT the core of Christianity.

Unfortunately many so-called "Christians" no longer believe in the historic, core doctrines of the Christian faith. They have replaced these doctrines with a doctrine of compassion as the highest Christian virtue.

They believe (naively, in my view) that the Democrat party is the party of compassion (I think Democrat programs have often done more to hurt the poor than to help).

So they support Democrats even though the Democratic Party is a fundamentally anti-Christian party. That's not to say that the Republican Party is a Christian Party. Far from it.

But support for homosexual behaviors comes from the Democrats. Support for killing unborn babies comes from Democrats. Opposition to abstinence programs comes from Democrats. Opposition to ALL evidence of America's Christian heritage in the public square comes from Democrats. Suppression of free speech by Christians in the public school classroom comes from Democrats. The idea that sexual freedom should trump religious freedom (or freedom of conscience) comes from Democrats.

The list could go on an on. The point is that some so-called Christians have gutted Christianity of all talk of sin and repentance and have made government "compassion" (not personal responsibility or compassion) the highest Christian virtue.

They, therefore, ignore the anti-biblical, anti-Christian agenda of the Democrats just because they falsely think Democrats are the party of compassion.

In my opinion this is a bit like Muslims who ignore Hamas' record of terror and support Hamas anyway just because Hamas gives financial support to poor Muslims.