Monday, March 14, 2011

The Left's version of civil discourse

Remember all the impassioned pleas (and sanctimonious sermonizing) by Leftists demanding a more civil tone to the Right's rhetoric?

Today an article came out referring to Wisconsin's Republican governor as "Dead Man Walker." No, this wasn't from some loony Left blogger. It wasn't even from the Huffington Post. It was published in Time Magazine!


Kevin said...

Time is either so out of touch that they don't realize they're using violent speech and imagery against public figures to sell their magazine... or they are so in tune with the discourse that they realize they can sell more magazines by using provocative language.

Ignorant or greedy... either way, there is no real point in reading an antiquated old rag like Time.

professor ed said...

I know that if this phrase had referred to President B.H.O., the Secret Service would have done more than just buy a couple of issues of the magazine. Maybe, in these tumultous times, we should extend similiar coverage to our state's CEOs