Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Gunman shouting "Allah Akbar" kills U.S. airmen

According to ABC News, someone shouting "Allah Akbar" shot and killed two U.S. airmen and wounded two others in Germany today before his gun jammed.

The gunman is reportedly from Kosovo. Perhaps he was angry over U.S. involvement in Kosovo under the Clinton Administration back in 1999. Oh wait--the Clinton administration sided with the Muslims of Kosovo over against the Serbs.


St.Lee said...

There you go jumping to conclusions again. Haven't you heard: we can't assume they were Muslim until the investigation is complete. (I really did hear that on the radio today)

Dennis said...

As you know, in the world of the loony Left, the fact that a Democrat is killed is all the evidence they need to charge the Right with the crime, but a shooter yelling "Allah Akbar" is not enough evidence to even suspect that the perpetrator could possibly be a radical Muslim. Amazing, isn't it.