Thursday, March 03, 2011

Government spending and "unbridled idiocy"

The Government Accounting Office (GAO) recently found some duplication in our government. For example, this duplication included “47 job-training programs—44 of which do the same things,” 80 programs for the “transportation disadvantaged,” “82 other programs spread across 10 separate agencies that are supposed to improve…’teacher quality,’ “56 programs across 20 agencies that deal with…’financial literacy,” “more than 2,100 data centers” in just 24 federal agencies—up from only 432 about 10 years ago, and “There are 15 agencies in charge of 30 food-related laws.”

The report says “Some of the oversight doesn’t make any sense” and that the government could save 200 billion dollars in the next 10 years just by eliminating the unnecessary duplication. Senator Tom Coburn said, “We are spending trillions of dollars every year and nobody knows what we are doing.” (See "GAO report reveals not just mere duplication but unbridled idiocy").

This is not partisan issue. Every American should be outraged by this. But what is really astounding is that some Americans actually seem to believe that regardless of all this fiscal irresponsibility, the government could do a good job with our health care and could do so less expensively.

They live in a dream world. They are out of touch with reality. Unfortunately, their votes may destroy this nation!

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