Saturday, March 12, 2011

Freedom loving Egyptians burn down a church

Those "freedom-loving" Egyptians just burned down a church! They want freedom, but only for Muslims!


Kevin said...

I liked the article and thought it provided a good example of militant Islam, mob mentality, and the dangers created by political power vacuums.

I wish you would have let the article stand on its merits though instead of using such a broad and sarcastic headline. About 6% of Egyptians are non-Muslims (source). The pastor who was nearly killed is Egyptian. You could have said "Muslim mob burns down church" and elaborated on the your previous points about how some Muslims behave and the dangers associated with new-proto-democracies. I think you missed an opportunity here.

Dennis said...

Thanks for pointing this out. I often post things assuming a background that most readers don't have. In this case my broad, sarcastic tone comes from my anger over the constant persecution of the Egyptian minority by the Muslim majority.

For example, six church workers were shot in February by Egyptian authorities when those authorities destroyed the walls the church had build just to defend itself from raiders.

In January, 22 people died and 97 were injured in a bomb blast in a church in Alexandria.

In November, 33 homes and several businesses (all Christian owned) were destroyed by Muslim mobs in a small city south of Cairo.

There are also numerous instances of individual Christians being murdered for being Christian or arrested for converting away from Islam etc. Most of the persecution is never exposed because Christians know that the Muslim police are often on the side of the persecutors!

Now it could be that all of these atrocities are committed by a radical fringe minority--all the while the "moderate" "freedom-loving" Muslim majority stand by in absolute silence.

Or it could be that the "moderate" Muslim majority really believe what Muhammad taught about the kafir (unbelievers), i.e. that they can be enslaved, raped, beheaded, terrorized, deceived,robbed and killed--and while most Muslims don't actually do these things, they may be sympathetic with those who do.

I sincerely hope I'm wrong, but I'm quite convinced that even if some kind of democracy emerged in Egypt, it would no more protect the rights of Christians and other religious minorities than the Muslims do in Iraq.

There are some very good, generous, and hospitable Muslims in this world. But the political-religious system of Islam is every bit as evil as Nazism or Communism, and the closer Muslims adhere to that system as revealed in the Koran and Hadith, the less tolerant they are of other religions.

Kevin said...

Thanks! Outstanding response. I think you've made me convinced that when dictators fall the first concern of foreign nations should be the for the exploitation of the weak and minority groups... because they will be exploited and persecuted. History proves this out even in the best circumstances.

I don't know if you're up for it... but I'd love too see a regular (or sort-of-regular) post on the state of Christian persecution in the world w/ your particular spin on politics.

Dennis said...

Good idea. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.