Tuesday, March 08, 2011

33 murders committed by American Muslims

I happened to catch part of a discussion between Michael Medved and an American Muslim this afternoon. The Muslim-American argued that there have been approximately 33 murders committed by American Muslims since 9/11 [Assuming that the Pew Research Center is accurate, there are about 2.5 million Muslims in America. That would be one murder committed for every 7,575 American Muslims] .

The Muslim man (I didn't catch his name) said that  during the same time there have been 150,000 murders in America [that is one murder for every 2,067 Americans].

The Muslim's point was that statistically speaking, there have been far fewer deaths in America caused by Muslim-American acts of terror [both in terms of actual numbers and in terms of percentage] than there are general murders.

I think he has a very good point. Come to think of it I'm sure there have probably been many more than 33 gang-related murders or even Mafia murders since 9/11.

I still think the Peter King hearings are a good idea, however, because:

1) Although the number of deaths caused by radical Muslim Americans have been relatively few, the number of deaths caused by radical Muslims world-wide has been enormous and I think we need to know the extent to which foreign Muslim radicals are influencing and infiltrating America.

2) I think the enormous money Saudi Arabia is pumping into the American Muslim community should be investigated and,

3) Maybe the investigation may help to reassure some of us that the number of radical Muslims in America is a truly a very tiny minority.

But I appreciate the Muslim on the Medved show today because his comments helped put things in perspective.

And speaking of perspective: The Left--the same Left that is livid about the Peter King hearings--has absolutely crucified Christians for abortion murders in America. Some on the Left have equated Christians with terrorists or Nazis!

Yet there has been exactly one murder committed by an anti-abortion radical since 2001! Granted, that's one too many. But 33 Americans killed at the hands of Muslim radicals vs.one American killed at the hands of an anti-abortion radical during the same time period.

The fact is that more people were killed by American-Muslim-perpetrated terror this year alone, than all the people killed by anti-abortion radicals in the last 30 years. That should help put the Left's anti-Christian agenda and bigotry in perspective.

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