Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why would the Muslim Brotherhood support democracy?

Why would the Muslim Brotherhood support democracy in Egypt?

Could it be that that the Muslim Brotherhood is more organized and has more power and money than any other potential political contenders? Could it be that they think they can get themselves elected--just like Hamas got elected in Gaza? After that, it may be Iran all over again.

Only time will tell. In the mean time I am a little surprised by all the optimism I see on TV.


professor ed said...

I remember, this shows my age, when Fidel Castron first came to power in Cuba. The cover of one of the popular magazines (Look? or Life?) showed a smiling Castro on the cover with a big caption saying "Our Friend". We all know how "our friend" turned out!

Dennis said...

Good example! Isn't it amazing how often the Left has been duped by totalitarian tyrants. I think even Stalin and Mao had supporters among the American Left!

Kevin said...

Let's say that "it is", that the Muslim Brotherhood is supporting democracy in Egypt because they believe they can win in the elections. What is the US supposed to do about it? We intervene b/c we want to make sure an outcome favorable to use occurs?

Dennis said...

I'm not sure there is much the U.S. can do about it except:

1) be aware of the potential catastrophe this could turn out to be and prepare accordingly, and

2) make it clear to the authorities which now control Egypt that our billions of dollars will not flow to any regime that does not promote peace in the Middle East.

I hope the Obama administration is already doing this.

I suppose as added incentive we could make it clear that if Egypt starts supporting Iran or its terrorist proxies the billions we are now sending to Egypt would be added to what we currently send to Israel (though in our economy, I'm not sure how we can justify sending billions of dollars to anyone)!