Friday, February 18, 2011

They yelled, "Jew! Jew!"

Not long ago, CBS news correspondent Lara Logan was assaulted by some of those freedom-loving protesters of the Mubarak reign. What was not reported--probably because it wouldn't have been politically correct to do so--is that this freedom-loving crowd of "moderate Muslims" was shouting "Jew! Jew!" as they brutalized Ms. Logan.

Diana West wonders why CBS kept quiet about this for so long. She wonders why this antisemitism has not become a big story. She asks us to imagine the outcome if these had been TEA partiers who had attacked Ms. Logan.

If this antisemitism and brutality is at all representative of the Egyptian mindset, I wonder what Egyptian "democracy" will look like if the military ever gives up their power (think "Hamas"). I'm not optimistic.

Please read Diana West's outstanding article on Townhall.

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