Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Telling the truth about Vietnam

In his outstanding article about his recent trip to Vietnam, Dennis Prager writes, Dennis Prager writes,
Here is the truth: Every communist dictator in the world has been a megalomaniacal, cult of personality, power hungry, bloodthirsty thug. Ho Chi Minh was no different. He murdered his opponents, tortured only God knows how many innocent Vietnamese, threatened millions into fighting for him -- yes, for him and his blood soaked Vietnamese Communist Party, backed by the greatest murderer of all time, Mao Zedong. But the moral idiots in America chanted "Ho, ho, Ho Chi Minh" at antiwar rallies, and they depicted America as the real murderers of Vietnamese -- "Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?"
Reminds me of the "moral idiots in America" who sided with the followers of another bloodthirsty dictator chanting, "Bush lied, people died."

If you read only one article this week, please read, "Trip to Vietnam revives hatred of Communism" by Dennis Prager.


professor ed said...

As one who grew up listening to the anti-war music of Peter, Paul, and Mary, et al, this article brings back some bitter/sweet memories. As one who supported (ie was a hawk) the war on my undergraduate mid-western campus, I remember being called a"nazi"; and that was probably the "niecest" term hurled in my face. Even today I have to think long and hard before I will buy a shirt made in Vietnam. Nearly half of my 1965 high school graduating class ended up as "MIA", POW, or just plain dead. And no, I am still unwilling to forgive "Hanoi Jane" for her disgusting actions in that city.

Dennis said...

And all this time I thought I was the only one who supported the war back then :-)

Actually, I thought that we should either fight the war to win, or get out. I think that is still good policy.