Saturday, February 19, 2011

A "survival level threat" to our nation

I don't know a single Democrat who gets it. Unfortunately, all too many Republicans don't seem to get it either. Certainly the selfish protesters in Wisconsin are clueless. But when it comes to the economy, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels gets it! He characterizes the economic challenges we face as a "survival level threat."

On the other hand, Daniels seems remarkably naive about the prospects of compromise. He seems to think that if we just  toned down our rhetoric and put our moral positions on hold then the Left would like us more and be more willing to compromise. Nonsense!

The Left will certainly never declare a truce on social issues so for the Right to declare a truce on moral issues like abortion or the threat to religious liberty posed by those who advocate special privileges for people who practice homosexual behaviors is nothing less than waving the white flag of surrender!

Some of us would argue that these are "survival level threats" as well--not that the nation would dissolve if religious liberty were trampled, but America without protections for religious convictions is not the America created by our founding fathers! And the issue of abortion is certainly an issue of survival for the millions who are slaughtered in the womb.

Daniels has quoted Ronald Reagan saying that we "we have no enemies, only opponents." Does that really apply to those in Congress and the White House who knowingly promote "survival level threats"?

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