Thursday, February 10, 2011

Free speech at UC Irvine

At the University of California--Irvine, 11 Muslim students disrupted the speech of the Israeli foreign minister in what an investigation determined was a "coordinated...effort to shut down the event."

The New York Times report on this story reads, "Chargers against Muslim Students Prompt Debate over Free Speech."

What is there to debate? These Muslim students (and their ACLU supporters) apparently think the Muslims should have free speech but the Israeli foreign minister should not!

Unfortunately, all too many Muslims do not want free speech (as evidenced, among other things, by the thousands who march in the street over cartoons). Their religion is so intellectually fragile and flimsy that it could not begin to withstand the kind of assaults made on Christianity!

That is why in many Muslims countries you take your life in your own hands if you dare to criticize Islam and especially if you convert from Islam to another religion. This practice goes back all the way to Muhammad himself who ordered the executions of those who criticized or turned away from his religion.

Ever since Muhammad's day Islam has been spread by the edge of the sword (Making a mockery of the Qur'an's teaching that there is no compulsion in religion). Muslims are afraid to question or turn away from Islam out of very real fear of the consequences--by other Muslims! The greatest oppressors of Muslims in the entire world are other Muslims!

(Thanks to Professor Ed for drawing my attention to this article).

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