Sunday, January 16, 2011

When will we discuss the violent tendencies of the Left?

The Left immediately jumped on the Giffords shooting by charging that Sarah Palin and others on the Right were responsible. Then it was discovered that the perpetrator of the Tuscon massacre was not a right winger at all. If anything, he was more aligned to the Left. That fact, however, did not keep some on the Left from repeating their lying slander.

The Left has long slandered the TEA party for its supposed violent tendencies. Yesterday, however, at an ABC Townhall event, when a TEA party member calmly suggested that any talk of gun control be postponed at least until the bodies have been buried (I suspect he was suggesting that people stop politicizing the Tuscon tragedy)--a Democrat took the TEA party guy's picture and yelled, "you're dead!"

If the story had been reversed, that is, if a TEA partier had yelled "You're dead!" to a Democrat, this would be the top story in every mainstream news media outlet in the country--probably for months. In light of the Left-leaning Tuscon shooter and now the Democrat yelling "you're dead," when will the media begin discussing the violent tendencies of the Left?

When pigs fly!

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