Friday, January 28, 2011

What's going on in Egypt

What's going on in Egypt?  Read "Black Friday" in the New Republic.

Radical Muslims are firmly in control of Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen et al. They have just taken over Lebanon. Now, they may be poised to take over Egypt.

Not bad for what the Left likes to refer to as a "tiny" minority. Radical Muslims are a tiny minority like the Nazi's were a tiny minority in Germany!


professor ed said...

I was not aware that radical muslins are in control of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Dennis said...

Probably a matter of definition.

I’m sure our government would not consider them radical (since are allied with us) but as I understand it, the kingdom is about as totalitarian as they come. There is no freedom of speech (they have arrested people just for talking or blogging about Christianity. There is no freedom of religion (to do not allow any churches and when they invited us to protect them against Saddam Hussein, the prohibited our service men and women from even bringing their Bibles and forced our chaplains to remove their cross insignia). Women can’t even drive but can be beaten for appearing in public with a man who is not her husband.

I don’t know. In my book, that’s pretty radical. Much more so than many other Muslim countries, anyway.

But you’re right. At least they are not ruled by al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood or other terrorist organizations.

Phil said...

Let us not forget that if a woman is abducted and raped, it is HER that is punished for being with men who she is not married to.

You should see what life is like for Third Country Nationals in Saudi Arabia. (A little background here) Before around the 1920's Saudi was a huge collection of tribes. If memory serves me, King Fhad (pronounced Fah-haht) "unified" (which means conquered) the majority of the lesser tribes and formed one nation. That being said, with all of the "lesser tribes" that once existed, everyone there is related to a "king" in one way or another. In that culture, if you are related to "royalty" than manual labor is below you; thus few if ANY Saudi's do manual labor. So who does all of the constrution and manual labor? Third Country Nationals (TCN's) do.

A TCN is a person from Sri Lanka, India, etc that comes over to Saudi to work in order to send money home to feed their families. These people live 10 to 12 to a house; the house being about the size of my living room.

I'll continue on this shortly... there is SO much more. This is just the start of setting up for more information.

Phil said...

Alright, continuing where I left off:

When a TCN goes to Saudi they receive what amounts to a work visa (I forget what it is actually called). This "visa" is put in the hands of the Ministry of Defense and Aviation (MODA) who "keeps them safe". These TCN's, many of which are FELLOW MUSLIMS are treated like dirt. The women are used as literal slaves and are frequently raped and mistreated. They keep to themselves and keep quiet about it because if MODA so chooses, they might "lose" the work visa.

This goes for the male TCN's too in some cases (not so much as far as being raped but, the TCN pretty much kisses the butts of ANY Saudi because ANY Saudi who complains can have this person deported or thrown in prison with no questions asked.

When I was there, many of the TCN's would confide in us because they were afraid of the Saudi's; deathly afraid. Sharia law is definitely in place there. If you have stolen something, your right hand will be chopped off. For some crimes you are beheaded. The punishment for drug use is beheading. Alcohol IS considered a drug, therefore if you have consumed alcohol you can be beheaded. The court system is a farce. according to DOD statistics, shortly after the "mission was accomplished" in Iraq, some 55% to 60% of IED's and bombings in Iraq were from Saudis. Of course Osama Bin Laden is a Saudi (the facility I was stationed at was built by Bin Laden Construction... yippee...). And After the more recent King Fahd died, the crowned prince who is, allegedly, "Western Friendly" (the one who made frequent visits with Bush), Prince Abdul Aziz (spelling?) took over as King, making Prince Abdullah, who was brought up on charges for aiding Al Qaida in the 9/11 attacks, became the Crowned Prince which means he is the one in charge of half of the Saudi military.

This area, especially Saudi, is the ONLY area in the world anymore where a true monarchy exists; where the leadership is passed down from father to son (and in the current case, to subsequent oldest brother [Abdullah and Abdul Aziz are half brothers, Abdullah being the full brother of the late King Fahd and Abdul Aziz, the current king, being the half brother of the late Fahd) and the king has full reign and control of the nation (as opposed to England where the King or Queen are more figureheads).

Dennis said...

Yep, I'd say that qualifies as "radical" :-) Thanks for the info, Phil!