Thursday, January 20, 2011

Michelle Obama's health program

On conservative talk radio, WMAL this morning is this observation:
WASHINGTON -- The Governors Highway Safety Association says pedestrian deaths increased in the first half of 2010 and the First Lady's program to get Americans to be more active could be partly responsible.
Governors Highway Safety Administration spokesman Jonathan Adkins told 630 WMAL that Michelle Obama is "trying to get us to walk to work and exercise a little bit more.  While that's good, it also increases our exposure to risk."
So lets all just lock ourselves in our homes where its safe! Oh wait, don't some say that most accidents happen at home?

President Obama is out on a lake in a motorboat with the Pope. The Pope falls in and is drowning. Obama gets out of the boat, walks on the water and saves the Pope's life. Conservative radio websites report the story with a headline that reads, "Obama can't swim."

I'm certainly no fan of the Obama's but the story on WMAL is unfair and reminds me of the above joke. Reporting like this makes conservatives look petty and vindictive.

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