Friday, January 28, 2011

Extension of Patriot Act provisions

From NextGov:

House and Senate committee leaders on Wednesday backed dueling legislation to extend online surveillance provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act that are set to expire at the end of February.
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., introduced the bipartisan 2011 USA PATRIOT Act Sunset Extension Act, which would continue to allow roving wiretaps of suspects who change computers or phone numbers to avoid monitoring; tracking of "lone wolves" -- people of interest with no known links to terrorist groups; and retrieval of records and other tangible evidence from organizations with a court order. The proposal, which would expire in December 2013, also demands greater judicial supervision.
Last Congress, Leahy's committee approved a nearly identical bill (S.1692) backed by the Obama administration, but the full Senate instead opted to pass a straight temporary extension -- without the oversight measures -- that expires Feb. 28.

When the Patriot Act first passed during the Bush administration, the Left when absolutely hysterical! You would have thought that Adolf Hitler had just come to power. Come to think of it, the Left--in all their civility--regularly compared Bush to Hitler.

Now that Obama is President, the Left is silent. It was never about the Patriot Act. It was about hating Bush.

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