Friday, January 28, 2011

Egypt and Iran: An earthquake in the Middle East

As I watch the events unfolding in Egypt I can't help thinking this is Iran all over again. When I was in the Air Force, the Shah of Iran fell. The Shah was a dictator who was replaced the Ayatollahs. Its not like Iran was changing a dictator for a free democracy. Iran swapped an oppressive regime for an even more oppressive regime. They jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

Mubarak is a dictator. But, like the Shah, he is a dictator who supports the U.S.  If Egypt succeeds in overthrowing him, there is virtually no chance they will replace him with a free democracy. What is more likely is that they will replace this oppressive regime with an even more oppressive regime. The new one, however, may not be friendly to he U.S. In fact, if the Muslim Brotherhood gains power, it will likely be more Iran.

Mubarak may retain power. If not, we may be looking at the beginning of a political earthquake in the Middle East.

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