Sunday, December 26, 2010

Will Pigford be Obama's Watergate?

If you haven't heard of Pigford yet, you probably will before the New Year is over. It appears to be a case of horrific fraud and corruption which was apparently covered up by the Democratic Congress.

Uncoverage provides an explanation of the issue--and in the process, a sickening expose of how our legal system really works when in the hands of unscrupulous lawyers (sounds like an idea for a Hollywood movie). If this doesn't convince you that the legal system needs an overhaul nothing will (if corporations made money like this, I suspect their CEO's would be doing hard time)!

How does Obama figure into all this? Read that story on Big Government.

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St.Lee said...

"Will Pigford be Obama's Watergate?"
In a word... no.
The entirety of the American population that relies on mainstream media for information will never hear a word about it. (let alone the millions who get all of their news from the monologues of Jay Leno, Dave Letterman, and the rest)