Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Undocumented workers and Unlicensed pharmacists

The politically correct Left apparently wants everyone to stop using the phrase "illegal aliens" for those who are in America illegally. The Left prefers the less offensive phrase, "undocumented workers."

Someone e-mailed Fox and Friends this morning saying that if illegal aliens are undocumented workers, then drug dealers must be "unlicensed pharmacists."


Kevin said...

Illegal aliens covers all persons who are in the United States illegally. Undocumented workers only covers those persons who are in the United States illegally and are working. It excludes illegal aliens who are criminals, children, or otherwise not working.

The choice of words is an attempt to shift the debate so people think about the poor hardworking immigrant and not the drug dealing thug. Both need to be considered.

The solution is to open the gates wide to non-criminals who want to work and who can find work while aggressively protect the border (ie: fences, guns, quick action to force).

Politicians do not want this option because it's not financially doable with the level of services the US provides and it's much more convenient to have a hot button issue like security or fairness to hold over your constituency.

Dennis said...

Do you mean the "poor, hardworking immigrant" who deliberately broke our laws sneaking into this country illegally so they could take advantage of our free medical and educational opportunities at the expense of American taxpayers who are having trouble paying their own bills?

Never mind, that was unfair. You can't blame hardworking people for wanting a better life for their families.

Anyway, I doubt that the political correctness is really an effort to distinguish hard working illegals from the thugs.

I suspect that the point is to get American voters to think of virtually ALL illegals as honest, hardworkers while at the same time tacitly denying that the violent drug/people smuggling, gang-banging, criminal element is of any significance to speak of.

That way the Left can paint all Americans who are concerned about the illegal immigration as nothing more than racist bigots, thereby courting the Hispanic vote.

But I do tend to agree with your last two paragraphs.

Democrats could have taken a huge step toward fixing this problem by using the stimulus money to hire enough immigration personnel to be able to open the doors (and track) honest hard-working immigrants while at the same time weeding out or aggressively prosecuting the criminal element.

They chose instead to keep immigrants "illegal" no doubt for political purposes.