Friday, December 10, 2010

On taxing the rich

In "Debunking the Millionaires and Billionaires Tax Cut Rhetoric" Matt Towery writes of the vast majority of those "rich" people the Democrats villainize  and seek to punish:
While every big corporation and bank was getting a bailout during the economic collapse, and while those on welfare were seeing extension after extension of their benefits, this small group of Americans -- who already carry the brunt of the nation's tax burden -- struggled. And they are still struggling to keep their businesses and practices going. They are trying to avoid layoffs. They are cutting every possible expense.
These are the nation's most frustrated workers. Even while they have been balancing the economic viability of their enterprises on their own backs and out of their own pockets, they have had to watch as the bailed-out banks have made fortunes. And yet these same banks continue in their unwillingness and inability to lend money to the so-called "super wealthy" owners of small businesses so that they can keep their companies alive.
Excellent points! Please take time to read the entire article.

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