Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Obama-Republican compromise

In a closed door session, President Obama and Republican leaders came to a compromise proposal recently. The proposal has to do with the so-called Bush tax cuts (aka Democrat tax hikes), further extension of unemployment benefits (up to three years now), and reinstatement of the "death tax."

Today on his radio show, Hugh Hewitt pointed out that Republicans in the House of Representatives all signed a Pledge to America and that House Republicans who vote for this compromise will be violating at least five promises in that pledge--on the very first piece of legislation to come out after the election!

I think I will be more angry with Republicans who support this massive spending bill than I've been with Obama, Pelosi and Reid. After all, I've come to expect that Obama, Pelosi and Reid will lie to us, but I expect better from Republicans.

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Kevin said...

Interesting article and post. I never thought this day would come, but it seems that you and Nancy Pelosi are on the same side of this argument (at least seeking the same goal of torpedoing this deal).