Saturday, November 20, 2010

Massive arms deal to Saudi Arabia

The Obama administration has reportedly managed to push through the most massive arms deal in U.S. history involving "84 F-15 fighter jets and more than 174 attack helicopters"--to Saudi Arabia! (ABC News).

The rationale is that this would be good for American jobs and would provide a counterbalance to Iranian hegemony in the region, and besides, Saudi Arabia has been a good ally. Even Israel is supporting--or at least not vigorously opposing--the deal.

On the other hand, according to the former head of a pro-Israel lobbying group who was interviewed by ABC,
As long as Saudi Arabia is stable and considers itself a friend of the United States, there is not that much concern...The problem is, how stable is a regime run by people in their 80's, with unrest in the south, were neighboring Yemen is harboring al Qaeda?"
Bingo! Besides that, the idea that Saudi Arabia will always ally itself with the United States over against other Muslim nations sounds like it is based much more on wishful thinking than anything else.

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