Friday, November 05, 2010

The Left and moral relativism

Have you ever noticed that it is generally those on the Left (the ACLU, American Library Association, National Education Association, Democrats in general, etc.) who fight attempts to regulate hard-core pornography (including child pornography), who fight any attempt to control children's access to pornography in public libraries, who actively promote--even to school children!--abhorrent sexual behaviors that result in horrible, deadly diseases, and who promote a woman's right to "choose" to kill her unborn child...

And yet many of the same Leftists now want to tax and regulate pop and juice! They don't want government in their bedroom but they don't mind government in your kitchen! They are all about choice when it comes to sexual perversion (like the Folsom Street Fair or Winter Wickedness), but they despise choice when it comes to parents' right to choose for their children.

The moral compass for many on the Left is so unbelievably screwed up they don't know which way is right. This doesn't mean that Republicans are paragons of virtue. Far from it. As St. Paul wrote, "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God."  The difference between those on the Left and those on the Right is that while those on the Right often fail to live up to their moral standards, many on the Left no longer seem to have any moral standards to live up to.


professor ed said...

While I certainly do NOT want to "legitimize" the left's view of morality, we non-leftists should remember that "morals" on the left are RELATIVE. For example "good" is what a person, at any given time, considers as "good". Likewise for "bad". Especially those on the "left" who do not attend a bible believeing church, will inevitably lack a strong base/foundation on which to establish their moral views; hence the afore-mentioned relative views.

Dennis said...

professor Ed: I agree with you. I think it is that relativity that has caused some on the Left to embrace nonsense and hypocrisy.

For example, many of the same Leftists who uphold feminism and equal rights for American women, are very reluctant to oppose the oppression of women in Islam.

Many on the Left are very vocal in their opposition to America's drilling in Alaska or in the Gulf for environmental reasons--and yet they said nothing when Obama gave billions to Brazil to help them drill for off shore oil!

Many on the Left are quite vocal about condemning intolerance toward gays, but are silent when it comes to the intolerance and outright hate speech exhibited by some gay rights advocates.

Many on the Left are quick to condemn slavery and imperialism by Americans (and rightfully so), but give Islam a pass even though Islamic nations have been FAR more imperialistic than America and have owned FAR more slaves for much longer.

Many on the Left will condemn any hint of Christianity in public schools, and yet are silent when Islam is promoted in schools or when tax money is spent on Islamic foot washing facilities in schools.

Many on the Left condemn any attempt by libraries to keep pornography out of the hands of children, crying "censorship" and yet they have no problem calling for the censorship of right wing talk shows.

Some on the far Left have even equated Evangelical Christians with terrorists because what a tiny hand-full of radicals have done to abortion clinics and doctors--and yet they continue to portray Islam as a peaceful religion even though millions of Muslims stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the thousands of Muslims who seek to slaughter innocent people in the name of Islam!

The list could go on and on, but the point is that you are absolutely right. They are relativists. They have no absolute standards. Their morals and ethics are apparently built in the shifting sands of personal preference, public opinion, power, or expediency.

The Left's relativism has led them to positions of hypocrisy and nonsense. Or as Paul says, "Professing themselves to be wise, they became as fools"

And the truly amazing thing is that many Christians support them in the polls!