Saturday, November 27, 2010

"a dry run for totalitarianism"

Dr. Keith Ablow, "a psychiatrist and member of the Fox-News Medical A-Team" has an interesting take on the body scanners:

Before the public outcry, TSA had grown to tens of thousands of government "security" personnel who were empowered by rules and regulations to touch travelers' genitals, confiscate their belongings (on slim evidence that they posed any real danger) and demand that they assume the posture of criminals to be scanned head to foot.
If that sounds like a dry run for totalitarianism, it is, at least psychologically. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is the projection of Barack Obama's psyche--wherein, large numbers of uniformed folks establish a major presence in private companies (airlines, in this case) and "teach" the dangerous American population to behave according to rigid, intrusive, infantilizing rules--or be pulled aside for further questioning.

Do you agree?


Kevin said...

Is the government overstepping its power? Absolutely! It should be stopped.

The rest about Obama's psyche is absurd nonsense. The body scanners were being setup in 2008 (see here) during the Bush Administration. To be installed in 2008 means they were considered a long time before that (government purchasing is notoriously slow). This is not a President Obama program, it's a Bush program. The question now is what will the Obama administration do about it.

This kind of Obama bashing nonsense is the same kind of absurdity that got lobbed at Bush by Democrats... anything & everything is The President's fault or master plan... he's at once incompetent and unfit to lead and the mastermind of a nefarious scheme to ruin America. Get a grip people.

Dennis said...


You make a great point. For many people the issue is not really so much about the government overstepping its power, it is about who's side is in office.

When Bush was in office, the Left was rabid about the Patriot Act (and rightly so regarding some provisions). Now that Obama is in office, the outcry over unconstitutional search seems to be coming mostly from the Right.

In the case of the scanners, the problem is both Republican and Democrat and we need to get beyond the partisan politics and demand that it be stopped.

One way to do this is for the government to acknowledge that they do not have the authority to conduct unreasonable searches and to turn airport security over to the airlines/airports. In other words, get the government out of it. Another way is to learn airline security from the Israeli's.

Either way, we should be able to agree that President Obama really is "incompetent and unfit to lead" and maybe even "the mastermind of a nefarious scheme to ruin America." :-)