Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Other countries join the lawsuit against Arizona

Because illegal immigrants are costing the citizens of Arizona enormous amount of money (if not bankrupting the state), not to mention threatening and even killing innocent Americans, Arizona passes a law designed to enforce U.S. immigration laws that the federal government refuses to enforce.

The Obama administration then takes Arizona to court to keep Arizona from enforcing U.S. immigration laws which the federal government refuses to enforce. Now the ninth circuit court of appeals is allowing foreign governments to join in the lawsuit against Arizona for attempting to enforce U.S. laws! Foreign governments--which have much more strict immigration laws than America--are allowed to weigh in on whether Arizona can enforce U.S. immigration laws!

Its like something out of Alice in Wonderland or a George Orwell novel. When we see stuff like this going on--in addition to what almost looks like a deliberate attempt to bankrupt the country through multiple "bailouts," I don't understand how some people can be so sure that America won't go the way of Germany when Hitler came to power. Seems to me like people are sticking their heads in the sand saying, "well, it just couldn't happen to us."

Famous last words.

The next two elections may be the most important elections in American history.


Kevin said...

To clarify, these foreign countries are filing Friend of the Court Briefs, which are...

"A person with strong interest in or views on the subject matter of an action, but not a party to the action, may petition the court for permission to file a brief, ostensibly on behalf of a party but actually to suggest a rationale consistent with its own views." - The Free Dictionary

These foreign countries are not actually parties to the lawsuit.

But... none of this should distract from the fact that the Federal Government's immigration policy is exploitive, unenforceable, and enables violence. Arizona has highlighted this problem with the Federal Government and their unwillingness to do anything meaning because it's much more useful to keep immigration "reform" around as an wedge issue for elections.

professor ed said...

Yes Kevin, you are so right. Especially when you say "keeping immigration reform around as an wedge issue" reminds me of when during the 1960s we kept hearing talk of "disarmanent" with the Soviet Union. We pursued disarmanent talks even though nobody EVER considered either country would seriously consdier "disarmament".