Friday, October 01, 2010

The Obama's and school choice

Isn't it interesting that liberals are all about "choice" when it comes to a womans "right" to kill her unborn baby, but they vehemently oppose choice when it comes to parent's right to choose a school for their kids? When it comes to school choice, Ken Blackwell hits the nail on the head when he writes, 
President and Mrs. Obama have exercised parental choice. No one should criticize them for that. But we can and should expose Mr. Obama’s hypocrisy in denying that choice to millions of other parents.
Excellent article on Townhall.

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Kevin said...

So it's ok to target the richest 1%, but not ok for them to target the elites who can send their kids to elite private schools that feed in to elite colleges that feed in to positions of wealth and power.