Friday, September 17, 2010

Where are all the moderate Muslims?

According to the Associated Press,
A Seattle cartoonist who became the target of a death threat with a satirical piece called "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" has gone into hiding on the advice of the FBI.
Seattle Weekly editor-in-chief Mark D. Fefer announced in Wednesday's issue that Molly Norris' comic would no longer appear in the paper.
Fefer wrote that the FBI advised Norris to move, change her name and wipe away her identity because of a religious edict issued this summer that threatened her life.
What I want to know is, where are all the "moderate Muslims" who are offended by their religion being hijacked?

When a nutty charismatic preacher in Florida announces his intention to burn copies of the Koran, Christians all over the country denounce him. But when when the threat of violent response by Muslims is so great a nutty Supreme Court Justice suggests limits on the First Amendment, "moderate Muslims" are silent.

When a prominent Imam suggests that there will be a worldwide violent response if he doesn't get his way in building a gigantic mosque/community center near ground zero--moderate Muslims are silent.

Now, when a reporter has to go into hiding because of credible threats against her life by radical Muslims, the Muslim community is silent. 

In fact, almost every week there are stories of Muslims all over the world kidnapping, imprisoning, raping, robing, torturing or slaughtering non-Muslims (or even other Muslims). And--with the exceptions of a few lone voices--"moderate Muslims are silent.

Where are all the moderate Muslims? We need to hear from you. Not just a few lone voices, but in great numbers. We need to see you marching in the streets protesting against the radicals who "hijack" your religion. Otherwise, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that "moderate Muslims" are just the silent majority who either approve of the radicals' violent agendas, or are just too scared to speak out. 

If the majority of "moderate Muslims" really silently approve of the radicals' agendas, America may be in more trouble than most people realize.

If the majority of "moderate Muslims" in America (!) are really just too afraid to speak out, then America may be in more trouble than most people realize.


One Red Arm said...

I would assume that the moderate muslims are afraid that if they speak out against the extremist muslims, they will be killed. It would be nice though to see some brave muslims do so and stand up for their "religion of peace". Don't count your chickens...

professor ed said...

I wonder if the "moderate muslims" are as reliable in standing up to the fringes of their faith, as the "moderate democrats" were in voting against "Obama-care" when push came to shove. But then, as one of our former Presidents might have said, it depends on how you define "moderate".