Thursday, September 02, 2010

Hamas murders four Israelis

On the eve of peace talks between Palestinians and Israelis, Hamas murdered four Israeli citizens and wounded two others.

I'm sure the nations of the world will react in outrage, the United Nations will, of course, demand an investigation into the murders (from how high in the Hamas organization did the orders come?) and the media will now spend weeks condemning these senseless killings.......

No, wait. That would only happen if Israeli's had murdered Palestinians! When Jews get murdered, the world doesn't seem to care.

For months Palestinians in Gaza fired thousands of rockets on innocent Jews in living in Israeli villages while the world community reacted with a collective yawn. But when anti-Semitic activists tried to run a legal Israeli blockade designed to prevent these weapons from being shipped to Gaza, the world community reacted with outrage, the UN demanded an investigation and the media ran stories for weeks!

And none dare call it antisemitism!

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