Friday, September 03, 2010

Dr. Khaled Al-Haroub on the rights of religious minorities

Like a breath of fresh air is the honesty from Dr. Khaled Al-Haroub, a Muslim researcher at Cambridge University:
"We Keep Increasing Our Religious Demands Vis-a-Vis the West, While Refusing to Meet Even a Few of the Demands Made by Religious Minorities Living among Us"

"We must take stock and do some soul-searching by asking ourselves the opposite question, [namely] how people in a Muslim country would react if the Christians wanted to pray in a mosque on Sunday due to an insufficient number of churches. Or let's ask an even simpler [question]: What is the reaction in most Arab and Muslim countries to the demand of religious minorities - not only Christians but also Hindus and Sikhs - to build their own houses of worship? In practice, our countries exhibit hypocrisy and a double standard. We keep increasing our religious demands vis-à-vis the West, while refusing to meet even a few of the demands made by religious minorities living among us." (See Jihad Watch).

Rather than constantly bowing to these demands in the name of tolerance or political correctness, it would be nice if the Left would join the Right and start demanding that we see some basic human rights in some of these Muslim countries.

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