Saturday, September 25, 2010

Democrats and the redistribution of wealth

I think the video clip below says a lot about the Democratic Party in today's America--in their own words. They are about socialism and the redistribution of wealth. One problem (among many) with the redistribution of wealth is the way Democrats seem to envision "the poor."

I don't think I have ever heard a Democrat make a distinction between 1) the temporary poor who are poor because they are just starting out in life, 2) those who are poor because of crushing life circumstances of no fault of their own, 3) and those who are poor because of their own irresponsibility and bad behaviors.

We need to be brutally honest about this. There are many people who have or had opportunity for education but were just too lazy to study. Others are just too lazy to work!

Some people are just so obnoxious they can't keep a job because they will not get along with others. Some people are so rebellious they simply will not submit to reasonable employer requirements. Some people are so unethical they actually steal from the employer who pays them! Still others will not stay clean and sober--and will not seek or accept help.

The problem is that Democrats seem to treat "the poor" as if "the poor" is some category of moral virtue. You simply cannot treat all poor people as if they constitute a single group--especially not a single moral or virtuous group.

It is delusional think that all poor people are basically good and would be productive members of society if they were just given a chance. It is just not true. This should have been clear from the numerous low-cost government housing projects that turned into dangerous slums.

When you take money (i.e. steal) from hard-working people in order to give that money to bums, it is not only morally wrong, but it disincentivizes the hard workers and enables the bums!

This is precisely what well-meaning Democratic redistribution programs have done. They have destroyed entire generations of people by making them think that the government (i.e. other hard working taxpayers) owes them a living whether they work for it or not!

I hate to be harsh, but the Democrats have turned some of these unfortunate people into a human version of farm animals--just waiting for the next feeding at the government trough. Democrats have destroyed these people's incentive to work and their sense of self-worth.

Contrary to Jim Wallis who says on the video clip below that redistribution is the gospel, nowhere in the Gospels does Jesus teach government redistribution of wealth. In fact, St. Paul even goes so far as to say that if a man will not work he shouldn't eat (2 Thess. 3:10)!

It is important to emphasize again that there are many good, hard-working poor people who are poor through no fault of their own, for example, due to crushing medical bills or other uncontrollable life circumstances. Frankly, I want my government to take care of people who cannot take care of themselves (Ezekiel 34) and I want my government to give some breaks to good, hardworking people who are in poverty through no fault of their own (and I am quite happy to pay taxes for it). I suspect that most Republicans feel the same way.

But I want government to at least try to make a distinction between honest, hardworking people who need help, and lazy bums who will not work.

Giving government handouts to all of "the poor" just because they poor does not help the poor. It enables them and hurts them by keeping them and their children in poverty.

So why would Democratic politicians who know all of this, continue in policies that actually hurt the very people they are supposedly are trying to help? Could it be because Democratic politicians get much of their power by keeping these people at the government trough?

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