Thursday, September 16, 2010

Burning the Koran might not be protected by 1st amendment?

Burning the Koran might not be protected by the First Amendment.  If Michael Moore or Bill Maher had said this it might be dismissed at the rantings of a Leftist kook, but when a justice on the Supreme Court says it--you know that our fundamental freedoms are on truly thin ice when in the hands of liberals who think the Constitution can be interpreted in light of modern standards of political correctness.

Justice Breyer suggested that burning a Koran could be like shouting fire in a crowded theater. Really? Would preaching Romans 1 in San Francisco also be outlawed due to the fact that homosexuals may riot?  Speech that can be banned simply because an opposing group may react violently is not freedom of speech at all.

Rather than addressing the serious problem of Muslim violence, a liberal Supreme Court Justice would prefer to gut our Constitution!

If you read only one article this week, please read this one.

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