Monday, August 02, 2010

Sexual orientation and behavior

It seems as though almost all of the Democrats have adopted a view of homosexuality that goes something like this:

People can't help being gay. They didn't choose to be gay. It is just who they are. It is, therefore, wrong to discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation just like it is wrong to discriminate against people because they are black or Hispanic or Asian.

I would suggest that by making homosexuality an issue of "orientation" rather than behavior, we are heading down a very dangerous path.

Why, for example, couldn't alcoholics make the same argument. They could say the propensity toward alcoholism is genetic. Should society, therefore, stop discriminating against alcoholics? Should we have affirmative action programs forcing employees to hire a certain percentage of alcoholics? Should we prohibit firing an employee due to alcoholism?

How about the obese? They could also argue that their propensity toward obesity is genetic and that all the efforts by the Obama administration to vilify them and force them to change their eating behaviors are bigoted.

What about pedophiles? They could say they were born that way. They didn't choose it. They would argue that it is just who they are. Should society, therefore, stop prosecuting and discriminating against pedophiles who have sex with "consenting" children (i.e. children who have been seduced by pedophiles)?

We could go on and on--arsonists, kleptomaniacs, serial killers--the point is that once the government stops focusing on behaviors and starts telling employers, landlords, etc. that they cannot discriminate against people due to their "orientation", it may only be a matter of time before people of other "orientations" start suing over discrimination against their "alternative lifestyles."

The fact is that male homosexuals engage in unhealthy and dangerous behaviors. Our society discourages such things as smoking, obesity or excessive drinking. Why do we encourage behaviors that lead to AIDS?

Encouraging gay people to continue their unhealthy and dangerous lifestyles is every bit as hateful as encouraging alcoholics to drink, or encouraging drug addicts to take drugs.

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