Sunday, August 22, 2010

More regulation of colleges in Texas

Moments ago on Fox and Friends, a Texas State Representative was explaining a new Texas bill which would require all professors at public colleges and universities in Texas to post their syllabi online.

I'm not in Texas and I don't teach at a public university so this would not apply to me, but while posting syllabi online may be a good idea, it is just one more example of ever-increasing government regulation and control (and by the way, the more government regulation, the more it costs to monitor/administer these regulations which means tuition goes up even higher).

The representative advocating this bill on Fox and Friends this morning was a Republican, which just goes to show that some Republicans can be just as clueless as Democrats.

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Kevin said...

This is a good law. These are public schools funded and chartered by the people of Texas. The people have the right to demand transparency in their public institutions.

This post got me thinking, while government regulation can definitely increase costs without matching value, I'm probably on the side of increased government costs where it ensure transparency and accountability of the government. This gives the people power. When government adds bureaucracy to private institutions in order to increase their control it becomes suspect.

The administration of this should be relatively trivial (I haven't read the law), and given the size of these schools may pay for itself in printing reductions.

Here's an article with some more info.

From the article:
"When Taurie Randermann, a junior at the University of Texas at Austin, discovered that her course on “Communication and Religion” was actually about Wiccans, Heaven’s Gate, and other fringe cults and religions, she kicked off a major change in the way that Texas’s colleges and universities inform students about classes."