Friday, August 13, 2010

Matthews on the "Rise of the New Right"

I just watched a Chris Matthews special on MSNBC about the "Rise of the New Right" in America. As one might expect, it was, in my humble opinion, an all out fear-mongering smear job.

If the only thing someone knew about "the new right" came from this show, they would, no doubt conclude that it consists of a dangerous mix of assorted crazies including hate-filled militias, birthers, racists and revolutionaries who need only a small spark to ignite the entire movement into mass violence.

Matthews ended the show by noting that this was the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing and that it would be well to consider what happens when things get too explosive.

The way the clips were selected and edited together, mixing the TEA party with militias, truthers, and paranoid conspiracy theorists, produced a result that left an impression that was truly dishonest and absolutely despicable.

If Matthews ever lost his job at MSNBC, I'm sure those in charge of Communist propaganda in China would be happy to hire a man of his caliber.

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