Saturday, August 21, 2010

Biden: More of the same on steriods

I just saw a short clip of Joe Biden warning that the Republicans are just offering more of the past, but on steroids.

It seems to me that Left's charges are often just projections of their own methods. For example, their charges that the TEA part was well funded and well organized was not only untrue, it was a projection of their own involvement in the anti-war movement. We are still very much at war, but the anti-war movement suddenly died out when Barack Obama came to office.

The Left's charges that the TEA Parties are racist are projections of their own racism.

Similarly, Biden's charge that the Republicans are offering more of the past, but on steroids is a projection of what they have done with the economy. They took Bush's misguided and deceptive stimulus plan and put it on steroids!

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