Wednesday, August 18, 2010

16,000 tax dollars to send Imam to Saudi Arabia

According to the Boston Herald,
American taxpayers will pay the imam behind plans for a mosque near the Manhattan site of the Sept. 11 attacks $3,000 in fees for a three-nation outreach trip to the Middle East that will cost roughly $16,000, the State Department said Wednesday.
This, at the same time that the 10th circuit court of appeals ruled that the crosses placed on public land by a non-profit group in memory of Utah's fallen Highway Patrol members, is unconstitutional.

Can someone explain to me why it is unconstitutional to put up some memorial crosses at private expense (even if it is on public land) but it is not unconstitutional for the federal government to spend $16,000 of the tax payers' money to send a Muslim Imam to Saudi Arabia to promote American Islam?

I know one for sure: If the federal government had spent $16,000 to send someone like Franklin Graham to Saudi Arabia to promote Christianity, every Left wing politician, media source and atheist group in the country would be screaming "Unconstitutional!"

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